Initially people used cocaine as a sort of local anesthetic during the surgery of ear, eye and throat. Lately synthetic anesthetics like lidocaine have replaced cocaine, though in many surgical procedures it still has limited uses.



One may feel euphoric, alert, talkative and energetic after taking cocaine. It makes one feel sexually heightened and more responsive to the senses of touch, sight and sound, reducing sleep requirements and hunger.

Though it is actually a stimulant, people often find it to be calming, increasing their self-control, making them feel at ease with others and more confident. However, some users may not feel relaxed and can get agitated and nervous.



When one’s body gets used to functioning in the presence of a particular drug in his/her system, physical dependence on it occurs. However, physical dependence related to cocaine has not been recognized as yet.




When for a person taking a drug becomes the most important activity in life, he/she becomes psychologically dependent on it. Cocaine may cause psychological dependence, since it has strong euphoric effects. Strong desire for the drug may persist in spite of a long period of self-restrain.



People dependent on cocaine can find it tough to discontinue using it. The ones, who have terminated its use, may become prone relapsed conditions.



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cocaine              Reply to this Comment
why the hell would you do this to your body

cocaine              Reply to this Comment
b'coz those people wanted to get away from thir deppression such like, arguing,and fun. Once they take cocaine, they will feel peace and relax.

cocaine              Reply to this Comment
i dont do cocaine but the close ones do and i want to now is how does it make you feel..? like not while your doing like after or before..

drugs              Reply to this Comment
peolpe who use drugs r stupid cause they want to end with their life

cocaine              Reply to this Comment
i think u r such an idiot doing that kind of expression cause it does'nt make any sense. p.s you suck big time

hi              Reply to this Comment
cocaine is the best and it makes u wild in bed

my lord              Reply to this Comment
you all are on pot. i also like trampolines

my lord              Reply to this Comment
you all are on pot. i also like trampolines

cokeaine              Reply to this Comment
cokeaine is bad 4 u!!!

former user              Reply to this Comment
i was an addict for about 5 years...i will never go back to that life, i have been clean for over a year now! the feeling is dirty and very low life!

cocaine              Reply to this Comment
cocaine is bad for you and i just wanted to let every one know that it is not christian to take it

cacaine              Reply to this Comment
so what if its not christian to take it. i take it to feel calm and plus im hindu

carson              Reply to this Comment
you are dumb if you take drugs apart from beer

cocaine              Reply to this Comment
Recovered after 25 yrs,been clean for 11yrs.It is A SICKNESS of the mind and spirit.It allows demons to take over your will.There is hope and solution.20320

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